Following is the Information for Students enrolling or transferring in Kindergarten through Grade 8. For Preschool information, please scroll down to the Preschool section.

There are three steps for enrollment at Heritage Christian School in Grades K-8:

  1. Take a tour of the school (no-obligation, 30-45 minutes)
  2. Complete application paperwork (15-30 minutes)
  3. New student academic placement testing (1 hour)

After testing, students are mailed acceptance letters shortly after testing. Then, all students are mailed Welcome Packets in late July with the school year calendar and all details.


Ohio offers three FREE tuition scholarships that can be used at Heritage Christian School in grades K-8! Half of all students in Ohio qualify for a free tuition scholarship. Our school believes that an excellent education should be accessible to all, and we work hard to make sure our school is affordable for families. If your student qualifies for one of these scholarships, the only cost to you will be a $100 new student registration fee for a new student, or a $50 re-enrollment fee each year for a returning student. Then, students pay for the field trips and clubs that they choose to participate in. The scholarships can be renewed each year through the student’s graduation from high school! Below is information on three different scholarship options:

EdChoice Traditional

The application window is open now! There are many scholarship schools in many districts across the state including Canton, Massillon, Perry, Plain, Fairless, Alliance and many more!  Check for your assigned school on the full list linked below.

Applications for scholarships are available now! This scholarship is based on where you live. There are no income limits! There are many scholarship schools in districts across the state. Call our office to find out if you are located in a scholarship zone at 330-452-8271 or email with your address information.

EdChoice Expansion Scholarship

Don't see your school on the scholarship list? Good news! There is a second scholarship called EdChoice Expansion that is available for ALL Ohio students entering grades K-8 and is based on family income. If your family income falls at or below the levels shown here, you can qualify for this scholarship!

The priority application window is open from February through April. Additional applications will be accepted after this timeframe as long as funds are available through the State of Ohio. Apply early for your best chance of success!

Number in Household Family Income
2 $43,550
3 $54,900
4 $66,250
5 $77,600
6 $88,950
7 $100,300
8 $111,650
For each additional person add: $11,350

Jon Peterson Scholarship

If your student lives in Ohio and has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) your student is eligible for this scholarship. No income or location restrictions apply, and the window is open all year so that families can apply anytime. One note: IEPs for only speech services do not cover tuition through the Jon Peterson Scholarship. Each IEP is reviewed on an individual basis prior to admission to ensure that Heritage Christian School has the services available to meet the student’s needs.

To schedule an admissions tour, please complete the New Student Inquiry Form or click on this Apply Now button. For other scholarship questions feel free to contact Heritage Christian School.

Private Pay:

If you want to privately pay tuition, Heritage Christian School offers payment plans and tuition assistance. Call 330-452-8271 (option 4) or email to discuss these and other private-pay options.

2020-2021 Tuition Schedule
Category Amount Details
New Student Registration Fee $100 Submit with enrollment application. This one-time fee covers the cost of student testing and enrollment.
Re-enrollment Fee $50 Due at the time of re-enrollment of current students.
Tuition: Kindergarten through Grade 8 $4,950 Full and partial tuition scholarships, tuition assistance funds, and prepayment discounts are available. Please see below for details.
Tuition Details:
Personally Pay for Tuition: Heritage offers a variety of options to help your family.
  1. Payment plans are available: We use FACTS Tuition Management to process monthly payments. FACTS charges $43 to manage the plan for you.
  2. Tuition assistance is available: If your family can pay most of the tuition but needs additional help, Heritage offers a tuition assistance program. FACTS Grant & Aid processes the information. They charge a $35 application fee to apply.
  3. Prepay Discount: Heritage offers a 3% prepay discount when the tuition for the upcoming year is paid in full by the last business day in July.

We are happy to answer your questions regarding scholarships, tuition, and payments. Please contact our office at (330) 452-8271 Ext. 300 or by email at Visit our website at

Students Enrolling in Preschool (Age 3+)

The Preschool enrolls year-round! Have a child turning three who is potty-trained? You can start now! We are open throughout the school and summer months. The one-time preschool registration fee is $35 for students on JOBS or the grant, and $60 for private pay students.

There are two steps for Preschool enrollment at Heritage Christian School:

  1. Receive an enrollment packet in the mail (or pickup at the school) by calling 330-452-8271 (Option 4)
  2. Tour and meet with the Preschool Director with your completed packet (1 hour.) Call or email Director Holly Grove at to schedule!


  1. Heritage accepts JOBS publicly-funded childcare (Also referred to as Title 20, or PFCC). Funding is based on family income, and may be completely free or have a co-pay. The parent must be working or going to school to qualify for JOBS funding. JOBS funding will pay for year-round care.
  1. If you cannot qualify for JOBS, there is still good news! Ohio has an Early Childhood Grant that covers the school months. Grant spots are limited, and priority is given to 4-year-old students first, so apply now! In order to apply, your family income needs to be at or under the income requirements below:
Number in Household Family Income
2 $33,820
3 $42,660
4 $51,500
5 $60,340
6 $69,180
7 $78,020
8 $86,860
For each additional person add: $8,840

For private-pay families, the preschool tuition ranges from $55 to $135 per week depending on the schedule you choose. Half-day and full-day options are available.

Before-school or after-school care (Super Room)

Families with children age three through grade five can enroll anytime in before-school and/or after-school care by completing the Super Room packet. Parents can choose the days and times that are needed. A snack is included in after-school care. Parents can use JOBS funding or can privately pay. The fee schedule is below:

Before-school care hours:
After-school care hours:
6:30am to 7:30am
3:30pm to 5:30pm
0-30 minutes $2.00
31-60 minutes $4.00
61-90 minutes $6.00
91-120 minutes $8.00
Late Pick-Up Fee $7 per 5-minute interval

Summer Fun Club

The Summer Fun Club provides academic enrichment, care, field trips, and fun over the summer months for children age three through grade five. The hours are 6:30am through 5:30pm Monday through Friday. Tuition includes breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. Parents can choose between two to five days a week for half or whole days.

Activities include field trips, water fun days, bookmobile, theater days, service projects and more! Students do not have to attend Heritage Christian School during the school year to attend Summer Fun Club.

There is a $35 registration fee per student in Summer Fun Club. JOBS childcare is accepted! Private pay is also accepted at a rate of $18 per half-day (6:30am to Noon) or $28 for full-day (6:30am to 5:30pm.) There is a 25% discount for the second child and each additional child enrolled full-time.

To enroll in the Summer Fun Club, complete an enrollment packet by calling 330-452-8271 (Option 4) or contact Director Holly Grove by email at