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Family Adjusted Gross Income for a family of four people for the 2024-25 school year and Scholarship Amount 

*The income amounts are higher if the family has more than four people
Up to $135,000: $6,165 scholarship (K-8)

Between $135,001 and $150,000    |    $5,200 scholarship (K-8)

Between $150,001 and $165,000    |    $3650 scholarship (K-8)

Between $165,001 and $180,000    |    $2600 scholarship (K-8)

Between $180,001 and $195,000    |    $1850 scholarship (K-8)

Between $195,001 and $210,000    |    $1300 scholarship (K-8)

Between $210,001 and $225,000   |     $900 scholarship (K-8)

                        $225,001 and above    |    $650 scholarship (K-8)

Heritage Christian School tuition for Kindergarten through Grade 5 is $7,000 and $7,250 for Middle School grades 6 to 8. There is a $100 new student registration fee for a new student, or a $50 re-enrollment fee each year for a returning student. Need help filling the gap between the tuition and the Ohio scholarship? There is a second scholarship opportunity! Click here for a gap-filling scholarship.

Tuition page.

Tuition Details

Tuition Scholarships

Our Heritage team is committed to making tuition affordable! Contact us for full information on all of the scholarships below.

  • 2023 Ohio Scholarship

    • Ohio now offers a FREE tuition scholarship to EVERY child in Ohio to attend a non-public school for Kindergarten through high school! Our school believes that an excellent education should be accessible to all, and we work hard to make sure our school is affordable for families. See the chart below to determine the tuition scholarship that your family qualifies for. The scholarships can be renewed each year through the student’s graduation from high school! Learn more here.

  • Ohio EdChoice Expansion Scholarship

    • These scholarships are open for any child in Ohio, and are based on the family’s income and household size.

  • Jon Peterson Scholarship

    • This scholarship is available for Ohio students with an IEP (Individualized Education Plan.)

  • Scholarship Granting Organizations

    • SGOs have tuition scholarships available for students from donors who receive an Ohio tax credit.

Personally Pay for Tuition

Heritage offers a variety of options to help families.

  • Payment plans and prepay discounts are available

    • Monthly plans are available for families who qualify. Heritage offers a 3% prepay discount when the tuition for the upcoming year is paid in full by the last business day in July.

  • Tuition assistance is available

    • If your family can receive a scholarship or pay privately for most of the tuition but needs additional help with the balance, Heritage offers a tuition assistance program. All state and private scholarships the family is eligible for must be used first before a family can be eligible for any tuition assistance.

2022-23 Tuition Schedule

New Student Registration Fee






Grade 5


Middle School

Grades 6-8


Submit with enrollment application. This one-time fee covers the cost of student testing and enrollment.​​

Due at the time of re-enrollment of current students.

Full and partial tuition scholarships, tuition assistance funds, and prepayment discounts are available. Please see below for details.

Full and partial tuition scholarships, tuition assistance funds, and prepayment discounts are available. Please see below for details.

Our vision is to provide an exceptional school experience with academic excellence that fosters Christian character and a biblical worldview, complementing the family and the church. Our students will grow in the knowledge of God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in order to serve our community, nation, and world.

EdChoice Traditional

The application window is open now! There are many scholarship schools in many districts across the state including Canton, Massillon, Alliance, and many more! Check for your assigned school on the full list linked below.

Applications for scholarships are available now! This scholarship is based on where you live. There are no income limits! There are many scholarship schools in districts across the state. Call our office to find out if you are located in a scholarship zone at 330-452-8271 or email with your address information.

EdChoice Expansion Scholarship

Don't see your school on the scholarship list? Good news! There is a second scholarship called EdChoice Expansion that is available for ALL Ohio students entering grades K-8 and is based on family income. If your family income falls at or below the levels shown here, you can qualify for this scholarship!

The priority application window is open from February through April. Additional applications will be accepted after this timeframe as long as funds are available through the State of Ohio. Apply early for your best chance of success!

Jon Peterson Scholarship

If your student lives in Ohio and has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) your student is eligible for this scholarship. No income or location restrictions apply, and the window is open all year so that families can apply anytime. One note: IEPs for only speech services do not cover tuition through the Jon Peterson Scholarship. Each IEP is reviewed on an individual basis prior to admission to ensure that Heritage Christian School has the services available to meet the student’s needs.

 For other scholarship questions feel free to contact Heritage Christian School.

Private Pay

If you want to privately pay tuition, Heritage Christian School offers payment plans and tuition assistance. Call 330-452-8271 (option 4) or email to discuss these and other private-pay options.

The HCS Summer Fun Club is starting June 6th through August 12th! Serving ages 3 years (and potty trained) through entering 8th Grade. $30 full/$20 half-day rates or JOBS Childcare is accepted. Enroll now, spots are limited! For more information contact Holly Grove at 330.452.3523 Ext. 304


Preschool Enrollment

There are three ways to pay for preschool

  1. JOBS publicly funded childcare is accepted!

  2. An Ohio grant is available based on family income, while spots are available. The grant is for part-time schedules and prioritizes students who are four years old. Additional spots may be granted to three-year-old students after October 1.

  3. Families may private pay tuition per the schedule below. Tuition assistance is available for families who qualify.


Days Attended

Weekly Amount

9 Monthly Payments

18 Bi-Monthly Payments


5 Full Days





4 Full Days





3 Full Days





2 Full Days





Preschool families receive a sibling tuition discount if 2 or more children from the same family attend HCS full-time.

Tuition agreements must be signed upon registration at which time monthly or bi-monthly payment plans are established. If you wish to change enrollment schedules a new tuition agreement will be created and replace the previous agreement.


Tuition can be paid in a variety of ways. Forms of acceptable payment include but are not limited to cash, check, money order, and credit/debit card.

Additional Enrollment Information

At time of registration please bring the following:

  • Completed Enrollment Packet

  • $60 Enrollment Fee

  • Birth Certificate

  • Social Security Card

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