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You can double your dollars to help teachers!

Donate to teachers for the hard work and dedication they have put into educating your student. Your donation will be a meaningful “Thank You” to the teachers that have helped your student succeed. Show your appreciation and donate today!

"This generous bonus allows me pay for an entire semester of graduate school! I'm currently pursuing my Ed.D. and look forward to using what I learn to help our wonderful students for years to come. These funds ease the financial burden of higher education and allow me to focus more on teaching and helping our students grow in Christ. Thank you!!"

Why do they do it?

It is no secret that each of our teachers could earn significantly more working elsewhere. But the fact remains that they love the Lord, our students, and this community.

Recently, The Christ Foundation ...

provided us with a unique and generous way to help supplement our teachers’ salaries through a matching grant. For the next three years, all donations received through this program will be matched by the foundation dollar for dollar up to a maximum of  $50,000 per year


Join us in this effort!

Donations and matching funds will be used to supplement and increase Heritage Christian School faculty compensation. What a wonderful opportunity to give and say, “Thank You” to teachers who pour into our children with strong Christ-based teaching.

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